Thread Stopper

  • Reuse & Replace Up to 5x Per Application
  • Absorbs Shock & Vibration
  • Works on All Fasteners Types & Sizes

Key Features

  • No More Loose Screws!
  • Reuse and Replace Screws up to 5X per application
  • Absorbs Shock and Vibrations
  • Works on All Fastener Types and Sizes
  • Multi-Material
  • Works on Metal, Wood, Plastic & More
  • Treated Screws are Adjustable, Removable and Reusable
  • Easily Removable with Standard Hand Tools

Tank Bond Thread Stopper Product Video

Helpful Tips

  • 1

    Make sure the threads are clean and dry before applying Thread Stopper.

  • 2

    Allow 30 minutes for coating to dry prior to installing fastener.

  • 3

    Thread Stopper coating can be used for up to 5x of removal and replacement. After that, simply apply another coat.

  • 4

    Thread Stopper can be applied to internal or external threads.

  • 5

    Thread Stopper won't damage plastic like typical threadlockers.

  • 6

    Use Thread Stopper to create an anti-vibration coating anywhere there is a rattle you want to stop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tank Bond Thread Stopper is a completely different adhesive technology from threadlockers that does not bond permanently. Tank Bond Thread Stopper forms a shock-absorbing friction coating over the threads of a screw that hold it in place, but it does not form an adhesive bond making it completely removable, reusable, and adjustable. It does not need a tight fit or metal-to-metal contact to work like a regular threadlocker would. In fact, it works on plastic, wood, and other materials in addition to metal. Thread Stopper is applied to the threads of a screw and allowed to dry before installation and can be removed easily with hand tools.

No. The Thread Stopper formula will wear away slightly to fit the gaps in the application perfectly. It will also wear slightly each time it is removed and reinstalled. Tank Bond Thread Stopper will last through up to 5 installations before it needs to be reapplied. It continues to be effective as long as the formula coats the threads and can easily be reapplied whenever needed.

Yes, Thread Stopper is compatible with wood, plastic, and other materials.

No, Thread Stopper is only meant to hold fasteners tightly in place. Tank Bond Thread Stopper will not repair fastener threads and will not repair cross threaded threads.

No, Thread Stopper should be applied to threads and allowed to dry (up to 30 minutes) before installing.

Where Tank Bond Thread Stopper is meant to help hold threads tightly together it should not be used for potable water.