Permanent and Removable Thread Locker

  • No Drip, No Run
  • Easy to Use Gel
  • Ideal for Vertical Application


  • Removable Gel Formula
  • No Drip, No Run
  • Ideal for Vertical Applications
  • Disassemble with Standard Hand Tools

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  • Permanent
  • Non-Removable Gel Formula
  • No Drip, No Run
  • Ideal for Vertical Applications
  • Permanent - Not Intended For Disassembly

Helpful Tips

  • 1

    Choose the right formula for your application.

  • 2

    If you may ever need to remove a fastener, choose a removable formula.

  • 3

    The gel won't drip or run so you can apply exactly where on the fastener you need it.

  • 4

    The gel formula will spread easily through threads when the fastener is installed.

  • 5

    You can apply the gel threadlocker to external or internal threads before installing fasteners.

  • 6

    Wipe away excess adhesive. Any adhesive left exposed to air won't cure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tank Bond Threadlockers are high performance industrial formulas. A key difference between Tank Bond Threadlockers and other threadlockers is that our product utilizes a gel formula providing more precise applications to the end user.

Yes. The formula spreads easily when installed into place. When applying the gel threadlocker formula, it is best to ensure adhesive is applied all the way around the screw by using the tip of the tube to push the product.

No, however it is extremely difficult to remove in that it takes a large amount of torque and high heat to weaken the bond enough for removal.

Yes, both formulas will withstand high heat up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit once they are fully cured.

No. They only work on a tight metal to metal fit. For multi-material applications, use Thread Stopper.

Once a fastener bonded with Removable Threadlocker has been forcibly loosened, the bond is broken and it can not simply be reused and replaced. To reuse the fastener, it should be cleaned of all residue from the cured bond before reapplying and reinstalling. Usually it’s easier to use a new fastener. If you intend to remove and replace a fastener, consider using Thread Stopper.

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