Liquid Grip

  • Increased coefficient of friction
  • Works on all fastener types & sizes
  • Wipes away clean
  • Reduces wear on tools

Key Features

  • No More Stripped Screws!
  • Provides up to 7x more Grip vs. Untreated Screws
  • Prevent Screws and Fasteners from Stripping
  • Reduces Wear on Tools
  • Wipes Away Clean
  • Works on All Fastener Types
  • Works on All Fastener Sizes
  • Apply to Screw Head or Tool Bit for Added Grip

Tank Bond Liquid Grip Product Video

Helpful Tips

  • 1

    Don't wait until you've fully stripped the screw! At the first slip, stop and add a drop of Liquid Grip.

  • 2

    Shake your tube of Liquid Grip right before you apply for an even distribution of grit in each drop.

  • 3

    Can't reach the screw top easily? Apply Liquid Grip to the tip of your tool or bit for the same effect.

  • 4

    More grip = more torque. If you need more torque to get a screw all the way in, apply Liquid Grip to drive it home.

  • 5

    Need help removing a stubborn bolt or nut? Apply Liquid Grip to the outside to give your wrench more grip.

  • 6

    Liquid Grip easily wipes away clean. To get rid of even more grit, hold a paper towel over the screw top and use your tool to press it in and twist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tank Bond Liquid Grip is a clear solution with a metallic grit suspended in the solution. The metallic grit helps fill the voids between the fastener head and the tool being used to increase contact surface area and the level of friction both fastener and tool. This allows the added Liquid Grip Formula to increase grip by up to 700%.

No, Liquid Grip is a stripped screw preventative. At the first sign of your tools slipping, stop and apply a drop of liquid grip to help increase your grip. Liquid Grip can help remove a partially stripped screw, but it needs enough surface area of the slots to grip onto. O it’s important to apply Liquid Grip before you completely strip the screw. For best results, apply a drop of liquid grip the first time your bit slips.

No, Liquid Grip is not an adhesive. Once you are done using Liquid Grip for your application simply wipe your tool, fastener, working surface clean with a paper towel. If allowed to dry on a tool or bit, it will quickly wear with use.

Once a tool or bit is used it starts to wear down due to damage received from friction created from stripping screws. Liquid Grip is meant to prevent tools from slipping and coming loose on fasteners which reduces the wear on your tools.