Tank Bond™ Thread Stopper coats the threaded bolt or screw with a gel like coating to help absorb shock and vibrations. Unlike traditional threadlockers, Thread Stopper is a non-permanent solution that allows users to remove and reuse the coated bolt or screw up to 5 times as opposed to single use threadlockers.

Tank Bond™ Liquid Grip prevents screws from stripping and instantly increases grip for easier installation or removal. The Liquid Grip formula works on all fastener types and sizes and wipes off cleanly from tools and fasteners when work is done.

Tank Bond™ Heavy Duty Advanced Epoxy creates a durable and reliable bond that is 4X tougher* than regular epoxy and requires zero surface preparation for application. Our Advanced Epoxy cures in as fast as 30 minutes and offers high impact resistance.

*Based on impact resistance testing vs. traditional epoxy formula

Tank Bond™ Removable and Permanent Gel Threadlockers create a strong permanent or removable bond. Our no drip gel formula allows users to place the threadlockers where they need to with more precision and with less mess.

DAP® Tank Bond™ Clear Epoxy is a fast-setting 2-part epoxy that dries clear and creates a strong, durable bond on a wide range of substrates. With a 5-minute set time and 3,000 psi bond strength, choose this clear, gap-filling epoxy to create high-strength, durable repairs that super glues and all-purpose adhesives just can’t handle.